FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS When Am I Allowed to Put TM Next To My Brand?

You can put the TM next to your brand at any time without seeking permission from anyone. You can still employ the TM symbol if you have no plans to register your trademark anywhere.

The symbol merely indicates that you believe this is your brand.

To your benefit, most people have no understanding of how the symbol works or what it means. Most will automatically assume you are protecting your brand.

So, use the TM with your brand while planning to convert it to a circle R for complete trademark protection.



Many brand owners mistakingly place circle C with their brand, indicating their copyright. However, copyright does not protect brands; it protects content creation.

When you employ the circle C symbol—indicating copyright ownership next to your brand, you are broadcasting to the market that you know nothing about intellectual property rights. You are basically advertising that you will be an easy target.


There is no restriction on your ability to put the TM symbol next to your brand whenever you please. It is prudent to employ this strategy when your trademark registration is pending, and you must complete the process successfully to use the circle R to protect your trademark.

You must understand how these symbols work to protect your interests and brand. Using the wrong symbol can be dangerous or damaging and may lead to someone else registering your mark.

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