FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS When Should I Trademark My Brand?

When is the right time to trademark your brand?

Do you wait after launching your brand?

Or do you strike while the iron is hot and do it as soon as possible?

All the answers are in the short video below:



That's the question we get all the time.

And the simple answer to that is, you want to file your first trademark application as soon as you realize that you would fight not to lose this brand.

Think about all of the branding that you have created, think about all the efforts that you have put into this, and ask yourself a question, "What if somebody stole that brand?" or "What if I got a letter from somebody who would tell me to stop using that brand?"

If you realistically see yourself going to court and fighting over your brand either to stop a competitor from using your brand or to continue using your brand yourself, you want to file your trademark as soon as possible.

You don't need to wait to become big, you don't need to wait till you see the competitors stealing your brand. Do it as soon as you can. You want to be the first person in the world who sees value in your brand.

Do some initial investigation, do some market research, confirm that you have a product or a service that is interesting to the people. And at that point, protect your brand.

Our tagline is, "If it is worth promoting, it's worth protecting".

If you're going to be spending money, time, and energy promoting your brand, you might as well make sure that you end up owning that brand and nobody can take it from you.

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