FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why Is It Important to Preserve Evidence of Use of My Trademarks?

Preserving evidence of use is vital for all trademarks, whether registered, applied for, or non-registered marks.


Here’s Why

Anyone so inclined can request to cancel your trademark unless you can prove three consecutive years of use. If you do not have sufficient evidence to prove trademark activity for those three years, the challenger will likely cancel your trademark successfully.

Even big brands can occasionally suffer this fate with changes to their trademark and its usage.

Evidence Is Critical

It is most disappointing when you are using your trademark and working hard to build your brand, only to face the challenge with no evidence. Be sure to keep a copy of all your business materials like:

  • Business Cards

  • Invoices

  • Screenshots of Your Website

  • Receipts

You can use a service like for manual snapshots of your website on a particular date.

Be sure you have something to show a judge to establish your use of the brand for all the products and services listed in your trademark application or registration.

Only you can preserve evidence that you are correctly using your trademark in the marketplace. Your receipts and customer records are a substantial part of this documentation. 

Records of other fees and expenses like advertising, copywriting, and day-to-day business activities will help support your claim.

Let Us Help

Partnering with Trademark Factory® is another excellent way to maintain critical records indicating your commitment to prudently and legally employ your distinctive trademark. We will cross every T and dot every I as we carefully shepherd your trademark application to approval.

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