FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Why Register a Trademark in Canada to Get a .CA Domain Name?

Canada has a rule that limits availability to .CA domain names to Canadian residents and those who own Canadian trademark registrations.

So how do you get a .CA domain name if you aren't a Canadian resident?

Find out what to do by watching the short video below: 



There is this weird rule which governs who can get a .CA domain name.

So you can get a .CA domain name if you're resident in Canada—that's obvious,—if your company is resident in Canada, there are a few other things.

But if you have no connections with Canada, if your company is not resident here, then the only way is to register a .CA domain name would be by registering a trademark in Canada.

And notice I didn't say applying for trademark, you need you have gone through the entire process to get the trademark registration certificate to then claim that you are entitled to buy a .CA domain name.

So I guess it's a sort of a protectionist measure to make sure that Canadian cybersquatters don't get competition from the rest of the world.

But in all seriousness, if you don't have a Canadian presence and you want to secure .CA domain name, getting your trademark could be one of the very few options available to you.

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