FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Will the Trademarks Office Help Me Enforce My Trademarks?

Congratulations! You have successfully registered your Trademark. 

But what would happen if you catch someone infringing on your intellectual property?

Will the Trademarks Office help you fight the bad guys?

Discover the answer in this short video:



The answer is no.

It's your responsibility to police who are using your trademark and how they are using your trademark.

The only thing that the Trademarks Office can help you with is to provide you with a certified copy of your trademark registration certificate, in case you lost the original. So you can show it to the judge in the courtroom and say, This is my registered trademark and these people are infringing on my trademark.

But really, that is much help as you can expect from the Trademarks Office in terms of enforcing your trademarks against infringers.

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