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Andrei Mincov Founder & CEO

Andrei Mincov

Founder & CEO

Whether helping his father enforce his copyright or helping you secure your trademarks, Andrei's passion is driven by the fundamental belief that those who create something that hasn't existed before deserve to not have it stolen from them. Business owners deserve not to be ripped off by unscrupulous copycats, pretentious lawyers who only care about covering their asses, or fake-cheap online trademarking services that file your trademark applications for next-to-nothing then leave you out in the cold if something goes wrong.

For Andrei, Trademark Factory® is not just an exciting business opportunity. It's personal.

10 coolest things about Andrei in his own words:
  • I was 21 years old when I first got to be in a courtroom as a lawyer—virtually self-taught—representing my father, a famous Russian composer Mark Minkov, who caught a radio station stealing his music.
  • My wife moved in to live with me after we’d known each other for an hour and a half. I told her I’d propose after she gets pregnant with our first kid. We now have three amazing children: Masha, Patricia, and David.
  • I coded the first version of Trademark Factory website myself — and it worked!
  • I was singing on stage with my father since I was 5 years old.
  • I wrote 7 books on intellectual property, of which one is an international bestseller. I explain law so that a 9-year-old can understand.
  • I moved to Canada in 2007 to start everything from scratch after being a successful lawyer in Russia, to seek a new challenge—expecting it to be a place that respects intellectual property, freedom, and entrepreneurship. 15 years later, I officially started the nomad capitalist chapter of my life as I moved out of Canada toward Dubai (with several other countries in between).
  • I write music and play the drums. In fact, I first visited the U.S. in 1989 because I wrote a song that was shown on national TV in Soviet Russia.
  • I dreamed up, designed, engineered, and had made for me a one-of-a-kind DrumDesk™. Now I can type emails and do double-bass paradiddles at the same time! If you find it hard to imagine what a DrumDesk™ is, check out this video!
  • I used to record and mix music for my father. You could hear my recordings on CDs, in theaters, and on TV.
  • I was an intellectual property lawyer in 2 countries for 20 years before I voluntarily gave up my lawyer license to offer guaranteed, all-inclusive flat-fee trademarking services to clients worldwide.
Robert Lieffers Strategy Advisor

Robert Lieffers

Strategy Advisor

A successful company is a well-oiled machine. Robert, our Strategy Advisor, makes sure each cog wheel is perfectly maintained, and predicts probable circumstances before anyone else does. Know more about him with these 10 facts:
10 coolest things about Robert in his own words:
  • I hate the cold and left Canada for Mexico a long time ago.
  • Will never own a house that needs a heating system.
  • Love dogs, have 3 rescues that are completely spoiled.
  • Can fix or build anything, recently constructed a 1 bedroom suite, did everything myself foundation, framing, plumbing, electrical, finishing and it all works.
  • An NFL fanatic, I’m semi depressed from February to September (except during the hockey playoffs).
  • It only took me 1 month to get my pilots license, have over 2000 hours flying time.
  • Before moving to Mexico traveled to almost every island in the Caribbean looking for a new home.
  • I grew up on a farm in rural Canada, started an oil exploration company when I was 17.
  • Built and managed a nightclub, was a partner in a financial consulting firm.
  • After moving to Mexico got into sales and was the Director of Sales for a large hospitality company.
Eddy Kaljic Strategy Advisor

Eddy Kaljic

Strategy Advisor

We’re always looking for people to join our team who show real initiative, and we were thrilled when we found out about our newest teammate: Eddy. He provides us with the ability to offer personal assistance to our customers.He has already shown incredible enthusiasm and willingness to help improve our CRM system. His experience in this area is immense and their dedication to the job is inspiring.

Whether he's exploring the great outdoors or working on a new mix, Eddy's passion for life and his commitment to excellence shine through in everything he does. And with his keen eye for detail and his ability to connect with people from all walks of life, Eddy is a valuable asset to any team.

So if you're looking for a talented and passionate team member who can bring a fresh perspective to your business, look no further than Eddy.

10 coolest things about Eddy in his own words:
  • I was born in the South of France. My father is from Bosnia & Montenegro and my mother is from France/Serbia and parts of Sicily.
  • My family and I relocated to New York when I was 7 years old, I thought we were going on vacation. (this is more sad than cool 😂)
  • I once got arrested and went to jail for 24 hours because I listened to music on my headphones while riding my bicycle (new york things 😂)
  • I love dancing and I am a DJ. I love to take people on musical journeys through diverse sounds. Here is a selection of my mixes on soundcloud if you want to have a dance
  • I once considered dropping everything to go become a buddhist monk in the himalayas, then I met my first true love the same year and instead I just went for 10 days to meditate in Lumbini, Nepal, the birthplace of the buddha. Best experience of my life.
  • I am passionate about herbalism and astrology: the art of bridging people, plants and astrology together for holistic evaluation and healing.
  • They say the eyes are the window to the soul. That’s true but so are the feet. That’s why I became a foot masseuse in 2022 at my local spa. I love feet with a passion.
  • I can talk to animals and plants and I consider myself their ally.
  • My ultimate dream will be to start a family, have a farm and host animals.
  • Once I lived in Berlin for studies and after a long night at the club with some friends, we spontaneously starred in a Wix.com commercial at 6am about “Wixing”... Here is the video if you want to have a laugh.
Jamie O'Neill Strategy Advisor

Jamie O'Neill

Strategy Advisor

With a passion for music and a love of travel, Jamie is the great addition to our team.

As a musician, Jamie brings a unique perspective to our work, with a creative approach to problem-solving and a commitment to excellence in everything he does. Whether he's working on a project or collaborating with colleagues, Jamie's enthusiasm and dedication are contagious.

And with his love of travel, Jamie is always eager to explore new places and gain fresh insights into the world around him. Whether he's performing on stage or working on a project from a remote location, Jamie's ability to adapt to different environments and connect with people from all walks of life is truly impressive.

10 coolest things about Jamie in his own words:
  • I hitchhiked across the USA and Europe. I went all the way from Sweden down to Serbia by thumb!
  • I brought my guitar on the trip and played music, busking in the streets and in music clubs along the way. Ended up in a rock band in Serbia!
  • I’ve traveled to around 30 countries so far, I love visiting new places and learning about different cultures. I’ve lived in 5 of those countries for an extended amount of time.
  • I did a lot of snorkeling in the Philippines and swam with whale sharks, sea turtles, and huge schools of sardines.
  • I live in New England in the USA now with my wife from the Philippines. We met during my travels in her country, and now we are exploring the US in my converted van.
  • I collect musical instruments. I’ve played the guitar for almost 20 years, also play drums, bass, ukulele, piano, harmonica, and assorted others.
  • I can also do a little Mongolian throat whistling, though it’s quite loud so roommates are not as enthusiastic as I am.
  • I’ve played music both solo and in bands, touring in countries such as Greece, Ireland, Qatar, and the Philippines. We had many adventures, including playing a billionaire’s birthday party at the Pearl in Qatar.
  • I love space, astronomy, and studying the universe. I’m always up for discussions about the origin of the universe, theories of the multiverse, simulation theory, artificial intelligence, etc
  • I volunteered as an English teacher and medical assistant in Ghana in Africa for a summer during college.
Tom Donofrio Strategy Advisor

Tom Donofrio

Strategy Advisor

Meet Tom Donofrio, a dedicated strategy advisor and proud father of three daughters. With a wealth of experience in coaching and a genuine interest in helping others, Tom brings his passion for impact to the table, helping clients choose themselves and trademark their brands to secure the vision they are trying to create. Tom's expertise in branding and strategy has helped numerous clients achieve their goals and create a lasting impact in their respective industries. With Tom as your guide, you can trust that you are in good hands and on your way to building a successful brand that truly represents you.
10 coolest things about Tom in his own words:
  • Certified Health and Nutrition Coach since 2004
  • Licensed Massage Therapist since 2008
  • Owned and Operated a Boutique Spa
  • Former Textile Salesman having sourced and sold fabric from all over the world
  • Have written several children's books with the intention to self publish first in 2023
  • Pretty darn good chef - Resident Grill master - and multipe Chili Cookoff Winner
  • Have read hundreds of self help and inspiration books
  • Am a very grateful person for the simple things in life. Family, Friends, Good food and Drink, nature, and human connection
  • Disc Golf Fanatic playing several times per week
  • Have seen hundreds of live concerts since the late 70s encompassing many of the legendary names in rock and roll
Ezekiel Montero Head of Sales Training

Ezekiel Montero

Head of Sales Training

Ezekiel is passionate about achieving his goals, and one of them is being able to help others achieve theirs. He didn't know a lot about trademarks when he joined the team but quickly learned that he would be playing a role that would greatly impact the lives of other go-getters such as himself.

Before joining the team, he worked in learning solutions as a Sales Trainer and Communications Coach for various programs. He isthere to train and support our existing closers andin 2023, Zeke became our Head of Sales Training.

10 coolest things about Ezekiel in his own words:
  • I started my career in IT and data analytics, up until the company I worked for said they were going to let go of the role and outsource. With no other vacant position, they asked me "why don't you try selling something over the phone?" - and that's how I got into sales. Never looked back since.
  • Covid-19 made me re-evaluate the truly important things in life. Thus, I've decided to leave the company I belonged to for years because they wouldn't accommodate flexible working arrangements. Now that I'm working from home, I can finally say I've taken many steps closer to true work-life balance as I can spend more time with my family.
  • I met the love of my life in a random encounter on an online game! She was playing with 3 of her friends and out of the hundreds of thousands playing at that time, the game chose me to be the last member of their team! What were the odds? We're now married and have 2 beautiful children - who like to play video games too!
  • Despite not having any formal training, writing is my guilty pleasure. I've either won or have at least gotten special mentions on most of the small competitions I've joined. My favorite genre to write about is fantasy.
  • My wife likes to cosplay and she eventually convinced me to join her for a few cosplay events. Seeing people appreciate you being in costume and posing for pictures was fun for the most part - until I lost a new pair of sneakers because I accidentally left them in a public bathroom while I was changing into my outfit.
  • I find pleasure, and fulfillment in learning new things and being an expert in them.
  • Despite not having watched TV for well over a decade, I had a 30% close rate selling TV subscriptions to prospects who didn't want them anymore!
  • I am the only one in my immediate family that can't swim, and as weird as it sounds, I'm proud of it! Asking my wife to pull me back ashore after drifting away on floaters is one of my simple joys.
  • My perfect day would start with coffee and end with coffee.
  • I was an introvert most of my life until I discovered that I actually LOVED talking with great people and learning about their stories. I'm excited to hear yours too!
Amanda Cheply Head of Legal

Amanda Cheply

Director of Delivery / Head of Legal

Amanda joined Trademark Factory® at the end of 2017.

Having previously worked in various industries, including fitness and woodworking, a career change was imminent after exploring a career in intellectual property law and realizing this was going to be her goal.

On her way to become a registered trademark agent, and under the mentorship and guidance of Andrei, she is an integral part of handling client files.

When she isn’t focused on client needs she is probably out hiking with her dog and his buddies or reading a book while enjoying some down time.

10 coolest things about Amanda in her own words:
  • Decayed architecture and urban exploration fascinate me. There are so many questions I have.
  • Everyone has a phobia. I have a few. My #1 is Trypophobia (don't Google it! I warned you!)
  • The best foods are caviar and lobster, and I would happily live off of those. And Nutella.
  • Even though I didn’t know what to do with him at first, I wouldn’t trade my awkward, sometimes too big, mix breed dog, Leo, for anything.
  • Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. Give me ‘Housewives’ any day!
  • My pet peeves are lack of consideration for others, mouth breathers, and limp handshakes.
  • I am fluently bilingual in English and French.
  • Never do I go anywhere without my jug of water. Tap water scares me.
  • Every bit the Cancer, I can be stubborn but tenacious and loyal, and I love the ocean.
  • D is brown and A is red. I have Synesthesia, with my associations occurring in a few different combinations. This helps me remember things, which can be both good and bad!
Aleksandar Perisic Searcher

Aleksandar Perisic


Aleksandar joined Trademark Factory® as a searcher in May of 2021, having previously worked for a bookkeeping agency, as a data collector for a betting service, and as an interviewer for the Serbian Statistical office, where he became a supervisor for one of UNICEF's most important and largest international statistical surveys. His attention to small details is a perfect match for what a comprehensive trademark search requires.
10 coolest things about Aleksandar in his own words:
  • I have a bachelor's degree in Demography.
  • During my elementary and high school, I played Basketball, and my favorite player was Kobe Bryant when I was young.
  • In 2016, I climbed Mount Olympus, the home of Greek gods, and its highest peak, Mythikas, at 2,917 meters.
  • I was involved in creating an Ancient Japanese-themed Board game called Gekokujo.
  • I have been a member of 'Yugoslav Youth Association Against AIDS' since 2007.
  • I love late 90's and early 2000's House music.
  • I love playing Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering with my friends.
  • In 2017, I climbed Musala, the highest mountain peak on the Balkan Peninsula.
  • I am a tech enthusiast.
  • My wish is to do a skydive in the near future.
Marko Nikolic Searcher

Marko Nikolic


Marko joined Trademark Factory® team as a searcher in early 2017. He graduated with his LLB from the Faculty of Law in Belgrade. He completed his Masters degree in Civil law with his thesis, “A Child’s Best Interest and The Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction”. During the studies he was engaged in numerous part-time jobs, while also being involved with growing fruit and beekeeping. He also organized exhibitions for the preservation of traditions and ecology and participated in the international debate camps as a contester.

Marko has worked in a legal department of a wheat trading company and as intern in a lawyer’s office, while he worked for over 30 different employers from all over the world as a freelancer, which gave him a status of a top-rated Upwork community freelancer. In 2016, he was hired by the legal department of Serbian Ministry of Defense until he chose to leave the uniform behind and started working as a legal secretary for an elementary school.

10 coolest things about Marko in his own words:
  • I am an author of the science paper, "The need for the introduction of ecological Ombudsman—example of Balkan Mountains", publicly defended at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade (Serbia) in 2012.
  • I am spending every free moment of my time fishing, mountaineering and studying mushrooms.
  • I am an author of one short novel and couple of short stories.
  • I never gave up bees and cherry plantations, and I am constantly investing.
  • After 11 years out of my home town, I am considering settling in with my family back there, being that it's the EU eastern border area.
  • I ran my first vertical kilometer last year
  • Motto that I value the most is, "Time has no price."
  • I am a bit possessed with history, history books and mythology.
  • I'm hoping my future will allow me to combine outdoor life close to nature and to develop my law career—all at the same time.
  • I've edited 20 collections of legal articles, all published in Gulf countries.
Alliyah Reyes Paralegal

Alliyah Reyes


10 coolest things about Alliyah in her own words:
  • It’s not obvious because I’m super thin but I loooooove eating out— you will see me (almost) every weekend trying out different restos and cafes.
  • I love going to the beach. Ocean gives me a certain kind of peace— probably the Pisces in me.
  • I have a golden retriever named Sadie and she’s the love of my life
  • I dream of owning a vast land area where I can build a shelter for animals
  • I am very talkative, when you try to start a conversation with me I wouldn’t stop talking anymore
  • You will often find me splurging on sustainable clothings made by our local sewers
  • I used to be a volleyball varsity player back in highschool, my position is a libero
  • I like listening to indie music
  • I have an emotional attachment with my Hydroflask (Always stay hydrated!)
  • I always say my height is 4’9” but I'm actually 4'8" like it would make a huge difference
Ana Apolonio Paralegal

Ana Apolonio


Ana is a woman of many hats. She has experience in customer service, operations, and sales. She uses modern technology to great success by handling project-based brands as a Social Media Manager. She is also a Licensed Customs Broker in the Philippines with a pre-law background and has joined Trademark Factory® as a paralegal.

Ana has developed strong portfolios in the areas mentioned above but she understands that she needs to remain adaptable in today's rapidly changing economy. She is strongly committed to expanding her skills and delivering consistently reliable and remarkable results.

10 coolest things about Ana in her own words:
  • My is pronounced as “Ei-na” and not the usual “Ah-na”.

  • I share the same birthday with Albert Einstein.

  • I did a tri-city tour: Vietnam-Phnom Penh-Cambodia via land transfer.

  • I reached the summit of the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines while nursing a flu.

  • I love working out due to the happy hormones it gives. I especially love doing boxing and muay thai to release stress.

  • I am a PCOS warrior.

  • I was the student council president during my high school and college days.

  • I used to live in an airport view village, so I am used to seeing and hearing airplanes land and take-off.

  • I am good in extemporaneous speaking. I’ve won several competitions growing up.

  • I drink 3-4 liters of water every day.

Jeanne Medallon Paralegal

Jeanne Medallon


Jeanne has knowledge when it comes to trademarks. She registered several of her former US big and prominent clients to Amazon’s Brand Registry as soon as she received the trademark registration number and other details from the trademark agent. Trademark was vital for her clients in reporting to Amazon all the unauthorized resellers/distributors who were using her clients’ brands and marks thus, they were also stealing sales from her clients and were causing their Buybox to go lower.

Jeanne was also a paralegal / legal assistant in a family law firm in Illinois that deals with a lot of divorce and child custody cases.

Being in eBay and Amazon virtual / e-commerce world since 2018, she decided to try the legal industry considering her Bachelor’s degree was a Pre-Law and she’s also a Licensed Customs Broker in the Philippines.

10 coolest things about Jeanne in her own words:
  • I was a working student and an Academic scholar in college and graduated with a 1.66 GWA.
  • I have a professional driver’s license and I was a part-time Grab driver (MT/shift stick) when I was still studying.
  • I was a 2-time Mobile Legends (5v5 mobile gaming app) champion in college. I still have the medals and trophy with me lol!
  • I graduated online, I had an online/pandemic wedding (2020), and I also had my Licensed Customs Broker Oath-taking online. (No thanks to COVID)
  • I so love swimming that I started and kind of taught myself to swim when I was 5 or 6 years old (I really thought I was Ariel the little mermaid lol ). That’s why I love the ocean, diving, and snorkeling (I want to learn scuba diving and free diving soon). I loved swimming with the whale sharks in Oslob Cebu too.
  • I love singing (my favorite singer is Adele), but I never had an opportunity to have any singing lessons (my dream before was to sing on Broadway or in opera). I can also play the guitar.
  • My dad and I started watching The Big Bang Theory when I was still in 1st-year high school/Grade 7 (they’re not popular yet). My dad influenced me to love STAR WARS too. I love watching TV series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Witcher, Suits, HTGAWM, The Originals, Teen Wolf, and Bridgerton. I also love crime documentaries like Forensic Files; Animés like Attack on Titan and Demon Slayer etc.; and my favorite Korean TV series is Crash Landing On You.
  • I love reading whenever I have free time. When the Twilight Saga was not a movie yet, I read the 1st book (Twilight) in 2 days and was so engrossed that I finished the 2nd book (New Moon) in less than a day. (You should try reading the A COURT OF THORNS AND ROSES Series - the movie is already in production and the director/producer is the one who created Outlander so I can’t wait and I think it’s going to be epic!) :)
  • My granny (mother’s side) was of Spanish-American descent from Cebu. Some of our relatives there said that we’re descendants of both Lapu-Lapu and Magellan. I also have the lightest brown iris in my family.
  • I testified in court for a hit and run case in 2010-2011 (I was the only witness of the crime), and it was so nerve-wracking for me to take the stand but all of these feelings and hassles going to court paid off when we won the case (I never asked for any remuneration in return). I became friends with the victim and still have contact with her until now.

    Bonus: I love lipsticks! I currently own 44 different lipsticks :D (I gave out my other lipsticks, and threw away the expired ones).

Justin Alviar Paralegal

Justin Alviar


Before joining Trademark Factory as a Paralegal, Justin was a virtual assistant for a US-based transcription company. He was also a legal intern with the Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines, Bureau of Trademark and a private law firm where he managed and handled trademark database.
10 coolest things about Justin in his own words:
  • I have a bachelor's degree in Secondary Education Major in History.
  • I taught World History and Economics in high school.
  • I studied Spanish at Instituto Cervantes de Manila.
  • My Juris Doctor thesis is entitled: ESTABLISHING A UNIFIED ASEAN INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY SYSTEM TOWARDS TRANSFORMING THE REGION THROUGH INNOVATION: AN ANALYSIS. The study presents the benefits of establishing a unified or regional IP system in the ASEAN Region. IP provides an opportunity for member states to encourage innovation as part of a package of national and regional economic incentives. IP allows businesses and inventors to flourish in an environment that access to a competitive market. The diverse landscape of the region means that a close and meaningful cooperation is necessary to harvest the region's potential.
  • I am a street and landscape photography hobbyist.
  • I collect and propagate cacti.
  • I love hiking and exploring new places.
  • I love online shopping and currently a Platinum member.
  • I have a cat and dog. I had a pet rat and birds when I was younger.
  • Contrary to popular opinion, my favorite pizza toppings are ham and pineapple. A food I absolutely cannot stand is ketchup.
Mae Panulaya Paralegal

Mae Panulaya


Mae is a lawyer and a notary public in the Philippines. But that didn’t stop her to pursue a freelance career as a paralegal with Trademark Factory® for she believes that she has a lot to offer and still has a lot to learn.

She has a versatile skillset with experience in customer service, accounting, people management, and financial account management. She is extremely motivated to constantly develop her skills and grow professionally.

10 coolest things about Mae in her own words:
  • I love the color purple. My room is purple and some of my stuffs are purple.
  • I was part of an all-girl band when I was in high school (since I went to an all-girls school) and played the bass guitar.
  • I have a ukulele named Yuki.
  • I have a bass guitar named Basha.
  • I garnered 6th place in our region (Region 7) for the Career Service Professional Exam held in October 2011. This was the 1st time my name got printed in the local newspaper.
  • I love hiking and most of the time during my hikes I hug trees (yes, I’m a tree hugger).
  • I was a Mass Lector and Psalmist during my college days.
  • I love deductive reasoning games. A few of my favorites are Scrabble, Minesweeper, Mastermind, Clue, and Battleship.
  • I can survive sleeping without an air-conditioner or electric fan (I easily get cold).
  • I have a bookshelf (almost a hundred) of unread books.
Mckoi Sevellejo Paralegal

Mckoi Sevellejo


Before joining Trademark Factory® as a paralegal, Mckoi was a legal assistant with one of the Philippine government agencies. He left the office job and chose to advance his legal practice working from home to support his nocturnal lifestyle and help his wife take care of the kids.

Mckoi is excited to be the bridge between brand owners and senior members of our legal team to ensure everything gets done on time and that our clients stay informed about the status of their trademarks at all times.

10 coolest things about Mckoi in his own words:
  • I grew up in very disturbed neighborhood that made me want to become a policeman or a lawyer.
  • I joined the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity in the Phils. when I was in college. I am still an active member.
  • My other half also joined the fraternity two years after me (not knowing she'll become my partner in life). I was part of the initiation team, so I got to I kick her ass once... Now that we're married, she's kicking mine!
  • I'm not rich but I am a philanthropist. I have done various community services and projects for the poor and children for 18 years now.
  • Facebook was created 2004, I got my first account in 2011. That didn't stop me from building the largest group membership for ΑΦΩ Phils.
  • I have two wonderful kids, Ekai and Ekoi. Both of them were named after their mother's childhood alias "Eker".
  • Not knowing how to code did not stop me from creating a website for APO just for fun
  • I love watching movies to entertain my stress.
  • I love dogs but I don't own one.
  • I aspire to be a lawyer one day when I'll have the chance (financially) to go back schooling and I dream of having my own food stalls inside the malls.
Criselle Sanchez Paralegal

Criselle Sanchez


Cris first joined Trademark Factory® as a Client Success Representative in February 2021. Her tasks ranged from making sure that clients showed up on their appointments to actually scheduling the appointments. While doing so, she was often asked questions about how trademark applications work and that inspired her to move laterally to the paralegal team and learn the end-to-end process.

With her new role, Cris integrates the fun side of sales and customer service with serious paralegal work.

10 coolest things about Criselle in her own words:
  • I grew up in a very peaceful neighborhood, where we would play outside till dark. When I was a kid, I loved the outdoors. I skinned my knees many times, too.
  • My dad was a frustrated engineer so 2 of my elder brothers became engineers as well. Fortunately he didn’t mind me being me: I hated physics. :D
  • I married my first and ONLY boyfriend—and now we have 3 beautiful children.
  • I used to sing at the school choir but stopped when I realized there are already a lot of great singers in the world. Can’t stand being a mediocre singer.
  • I love reading. Used to read 2-3 novels per week.
  • I love long rides with my husband on our motorcycle. We have already traversed the entire Cebu Island and the entire Mindanao Island. We are planning to hit North next time.
  • Aside from my work with Trademark Factory®, I am a fraud supervisor with a financial company. I am handling 18 FTEs. I know, it’s a lot of people to deal with. LOL.
  • I had a brief stint in cold calling. Unfortunately the campaign was not that lucrative so they had to downsize.
  • I was also an ESL trainer. Taught English to Japanese professionals and some CEOs.
  • My motto in life is to always look at a glass of water Half-full instead of Half-empty. :)
Vitaly Polukhin CTO

Vitaly Polukhin

Director of Infrastructure / Head of WebDev team

Vitaly Polukhin decided to become a programmer in the late 1990s, straight after secondary school. A physics and mathematics major, by that time Vitaly was already proficient in electrical engineering and had some experience writing computer code on old Soviet computers. He got his first job as a programmer while still attending high school. He has since worked for the government, telecom companies, and outsourcing companies. He has also worked as the head of Gazprom's IT department.

Vitaly joined Trademark Factory® as a full-time web developer in 2014 and became our CTO in 2019.

10 coolest things about Vitaly in his own words:
  • I wrote my first program when I was 8.
  • I assembled my first electrical circuit when I was 11.
  • While still a secondary school student, I won a physico-mathematical competition organized by the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (a Russian version of MIT).
  • I had an unforgettable 7-day trip to Kazakhstan when I traversed across the entire country by train with innumerable stops and change-overs.
  • I made a 3-day trip Thailand for only $50 (including air and hotel)—and fell in love with the country.
  • I go to the Altai Mountains several times a year. This is a very beautiful place.
  • I still play Quake III and first Starcraft.
  • I go to the gym. I'm proud of my personal record in bench press, 6x100kg.
  • I helped create Harvard's River City Project, a unique multi-user virtual educational environment.
  • I am learning Python and machine learning and can't wait to implement this knowledge in Trademark Factory® projects soon
Andres Garcia Director of Marketing

Andres Garcia

Director of Marketing

Andres joined Trademark Factory® in 2019, working as a Data Specialist to help the Sales and Marketing team. In 2021, he became the Director of Marketing

He worked in different corporate roles that helped him acquire experience to help businesses grow and thrive. Now, he enjoys using those skills to help Trademark Factory® scale.

He and his team focus on educating people on the value of trademarks for the future of a business and why Trademark Factory® is the best place to get them.

10 coolest things about Andres in his own words:
  • My favorite movie is Shawshank Redemption.
  • I really like animals. I own a dog and a cat.
  • I love fútbol and basketball.
  • I love to travel. My favorite place in the world is Cartagena de Indias: great weather, beaches, and food.
  • I play the electric guitar. I call my guitar Tabata.
  • I’m Colombian born and raised, but strangers doubt that.
  • My wife is a sexy Colombian señorita.
  • I worked for am Inc. 500 company for years, but quit because of the bureaucracy and lack of innovation.
  • I love music, especially rock and blues.
  • I went to Culinary School after high school and worked on one of the most famous hotels for a year.
Janine Barraza Copywriter

Janine Barraza


Jai used to be a design consultant and freelancer for company branding projects. She joined Trademark Factory as a content writer to revisit her love for writing. With the team’s great chemistry and support, she’s grown into her role, and has even published and designed some of TMF’s ads.

If you told her a year ago that she would be where she is now, she would have mistaken you for a clown. Among TMF’s help to new brands, they’ve also built the confidence of its employees, Jai’s included.

10 coolest things about Janine in her own words:
  • I used to be a psychology student (pre-med and pre-law) for almost three years, but due to the competitive environment, I had to switch to Multimedia Design. Give me 10 minutes with you and I can probably give a rough psycho-analysis (but please go to an actual licensed professional and take my words with a grain of salt).
  • I started writing poetry at the age of 6, and the school newspaper decided it was good enough to be published.
  • I wrote fanfiction. Don’t try to find them, they’re deleted.
  • I am an avid fan of Supernatural; I am a Dean kinda girl.
  • I am a beach person at heart, but never take me to mountains because bugs scare the soul out of me.
  • I traveled a lot when I was younger, but spent the majority of my life in the Middle East, namely Qatar and Saudi. Spent months in the USA (Boston, New York, Orlando, Springfield, Maryland, etc.)
  • Despite spending 11 years in Doha, Qatar, I don’t know how to speak Arabic.
  • Ironically, despite being deathly afraid of bugs (cockroaches to be precise), I love plants!
  • I have both the blessing and the curse of an eternal baby face— you will never be able to tell my age. It’s my favorite bar game!
  • I’m lactose intolerant, but that doesn’t change my love for New York cheesecakes and pizza. I just have to be a few steps away from the toilet.
Yvonne Liboro Content Writer

Yvonne Liboro


Yvonne joined Trademark Factory® in late 2020 as a content writer and quickly trained to be the team’s full-time copywriter a few months later.

She has always loved writing at a young age but never thought she’d have a copywriting career until she started learning about it when she became part of the constantly growing Trademark Factory® family.

Now she dedicates her time creating copy that helps business owners understand the importance of owning their brands through trademarks.

10 coolest things about Yvonne in her own words:
  • I love cooking, all I need is Google and alone time in the kitchen and I can cook almost anything.
  • I play rugby—and no, not touch rugby.
  • I have an adorable (adopted) black cat named Greg Mcnuggets.
  • I hate avocados, change my mind (but yes to guacamole)
  • I love card and board games (Exploding Kittens, Cards Against Humanity, and Game of the Generals). No chess, please.
  • I’m part Spanish so I decided to learn a bit of the language in high school. Need more practice!
  • I recently fell in love with trail running and have climbed 3 mountains so far (survived all the leeches yay).
  • I love musicals, I still remember watching Wicked and crying when the cast sang Defying Gravity.
  • I’m great at hosting events/public speaking. Started doing it when I was 9 years old. Hope I can do it again soon!
Arianne Cobarrubias Client Success Representative

Arianne Cobarrubias

Client Success Representative

A family-oriented person who will do whatever it takes for her kids and family.

She started her career in the Business process outsourcing Industry last 2009 and decided to shift her career to freelancing.

Ever since communicating with different people anywhere in the world and providing them 101% customer satisfaction are just a few of what she loves about her job.

10 coolest things about Arianne in her own words:
  • I am a Single Mom of 2 boys. I had my firstborn at a very early age
  • I am willing to go to any lengths to support and make my Family happy.
  • I am a crying baby. I cry even at the slightest drama in life. It makes me feel relieved.
  • I love meeting people virtually and learning a skill or two from them.
  • I am an Aquarius. I love the ocean. Smelling the sea breeze makes me calm and releases all the stress away.
  • I'm a sweet tooth! I cannot live without chocolates and cakes. Good thing my sugar level is maintained.
  • I get scared easily when I talk to someone higher than me or people who joined the Company first. I stutter and get very disoriented when that happens.
  • I love long drives. It flexes my multi-task skills.
  • I love to hear rock or alternative songs from all-male group bands like Mr. Big, Guns, Bon Jovi, and a whole lot more.
  • I like watching detective movies more than drama. ;-)
Marjorie Asenas Client Success Representative

Marjorie Asenas

Client Success Representative

Before joining Trademark Factory® in 2021, Marjorie had worked as a Strategic partner Instructor in a business process outsourcing company.

She's eager to learn new things and, at the same time, always makes sure to share positive and joyful energy no matter where she goes.

10 coolest things about Marjorie in her own words:
  • I can do anything for love.
  • When I was a child, evey time we had a visitor, my father would give me a microphone and let me sing for everybody.
  • I'm a frustrated DJ and VO Actress.
  • I am an extrovert , so deciding to work at home was a bit scary for me—until I realized that it's most amusing to be alone.
  • After completing my diploma in Information Technology, I pursued my dream of becoming an educator and obtaining units for education major in Social Science. Unfortunately, I didn't get the chance to teach in a university but luckily I was given the opportunity to become a strategic partner instructor in one of the BPO companies in the country after being a customer service representative for 6 years.
  • Travel is my stress reliever.
  • I hate beef , milk and anything that is sweet.
  • I joined amateur singing contests when I was young.
  • In college, I loved to take part in dance festivals and choral competitions.
  • Sometimes, I make funny jokes in my mind—and even before I share them with everyone, I am already laughing out loud. I have to say, I am hilarious!
Angelique De los Reyes HR

Angelique Dullavin


Angelique joined Trademark Factory® as a virtual assistant in May of 2017. Immediately, "Angel" demonstrated heartfelt dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience. So in just a few months, we promoted her to Administrator. In 2019, Angel's organizational expertise and impeccable attention to detail earned her another promotion. She became our Director of Operations and fast forward to 2023, she is now managing the Human resource department.

Angel names our culture of celebrating each other's successes as the main reason for her daily drive and long-term commitment to the Trademark Factory® family.

10 coolest things about Angelique in her own words:
  • I love traveling and appreciate both nature and city adventures. I enjoy exploring local and foreign art, culture and cuisine.
  • I have won 2 local beauty pageant crowns.
  • I always buy from small businesses and appreciate sharing conversations on stories of how they built their businesses.
  • I value friendship and family and enjoy cooking pastries & dishes for them.
  • I'm a sucker for amusement and water parks!
  • I am a proud member of Singles for Christ, a community where we serve towards evangelization and working with the poor.
  • I aspire to become a successful entrepreneur and have now invested on a small-scale transportation and real-estate business.
  • I enjoy all sorts of volunteer and charity work. One of my favorites is teaching low-achiever kids how to read and write.
  • I am an animal lover and support our local animal shelters.
  • I am slowly embracing a more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle.
Ammanda Talampas Virtual Assistant

Ammanda Talampas

Virtual Assistant

Whether you’re in sales or legal team, Ammy will help you manage your tasks and a host of other services to help you free up your time to focus on your core priorities. She brings experience and professionalism to every project.

10 coolest things about Ammanda in her own words:
  • I started working as a Virtual Assistant when I was 17 at the start of the pandemic when I was grade 12.
  • I love singing ever since I was a child. The first song I ever memorized was "To love you more" by Celine Dion.
  • I'm a Cosplayer! I've been an avid Anime fan since I was a child, so when I was in high school I decided to attend my first cosplay convention with my friends. I ended up loving it ever since.
  • I originally wanted to study law (and still do) but during the pandemic and when I started working remotely I discovered the wonders of coding, so now I'm an IT student.
  • I'm a digital artist and a writer. I love drawing original characters then giving them backstories. Sometimes, I end up writing a whole story about them on Wattpad. Recently, I find myself writing tons of Fan-Fiction on Archive of our own.
  • I have never, ever tasted Coca-cola, RC, Pepsi, or any fizzy drinks. I often just think fruit juices and chocolate milk.
  • Starbucks is my safe-haven. I cannot and will not live in a place without a nearby Starbucks.
  • I absolutely despise toppings on Pizza. I only like four-cheese Pizza.
  • I love and adore musicals. I've always dreamed of becoming a Broadway artist (and I hope to someday be part of the Hamilton cast)
  • I'm deathly afraid of needles. People often laugh at it but I get mini panic attacks whenever I have to get shots. (So, one of my most hated year was the time I had to take multiple COVID vaccines and boosters.)
Angela Mallari Virtual Assistant

Angela Mallari

Virtual Assistant

Reliability is essential to every member's core principles. With Angela, every question asked is answered graciously, patiently, and thoroughly— gifting our clients with satisfied smiles. Get to know her better with these 10 facts:

10 coolest things about Angela in her own words:
  • I love doing art, crafting, doing DIY's, graphic designing. I like to paint. I've been trying to learn digital art lately.
  • I enjoy cooking, especially for my loved ones. I was fortunate to have two excellent cooks for parents. My father is actually a chef in a Japanese Restaurant in Brunei .
  • I am a huge fan of anime. My son's name is Yuno from the anime Black Clover. Which also means "my reason".
  • I've changed schools more times in my life than I can count on two hands.
  • I've been into watching vlogs about farming lately. My current obsession is "Her 86m2" on Youtube. One of my dreams is to retire with my own farm and maybe sell some homemade baked goods.
  • I know how to play acoustic guitar. I've been a vocalist once in a band during my freshman year of college.
  • I could not go a day without a coffee.
  • I still love playing simulation games like Harvest Moon and My Time at Portia.
  • Top places I want to visit outside of the country are Japan and Korea.
  • I was born and raised near the sea for half of my life, but I still don't know how to swim. Deep water frightens me a little.
Kristine Jane Cabico Assistant to Andrei Mincov

Kristine Jane Cabico

Finance Admin

Kristine had worked as a Financial Analyst for the Philippine government for 6 years before she joined Trademark Factory as a General Virtual Assistant in March of 2018. She was on maternity leave when she applied to TMF but later on decided not to go back to the office and stick with Andrei and Trademark Factory® while taking care of her kids.

With Kristine's impeccable attention to details, she handles all sorts of projects—from bookkeeping to social media management and from client follow-up to research.

10 coolest things about Kristine in her own words:
  • I am a lady Civil Engineer.
  • I graduated 2 degrees (Accountancy and Civil Engineering).
  • I'm one of the boys. I do carpentry and plumbing.
  • I run marathon twice a year and I won 2 gold medals (2012 & 2015) in the female category.
  • Zumba is my stress reliever.
  • I am one of the organizers of "Chairs for School Movement" - an org that provides arm chairs to schools in remote & mountainous areas.
  • I am an active member of Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity & Sorority. We do more than 20 community services annually.
  • I design and make our furniture and closets at home on my own.
  • I can't sleep without blanket even if it's too hot.
  • Mountain climbing is my adventure. I have climbed 8 mountains and peaks already, and counting...
Marielle Danofra Assistant

Marielle Danofra


Before joining Trademark Factory® in 2021 as a virtual assistant, Marielle has spent years working as a Customer Service representative and a Digital Marketing Assistant.

She uses the experience she's gained to help Trademark Factory® team to get stuff done. On top of that she handles various special projects that get added to her plate.

10 coolest things about Marielle in her own words:
  • I dream to have my own property one day so I can create a passive income.
  • Black coffee is my favorite kind of coffee.
  • I really love being myself as it relaxes me and gives me new ideas. I could go for days without interacting with anyone—and I'll be totally fine.
  • My favorite sport is Basketball. I played it before when I was in High School.
  • I love to go fishing. I rarely do it and I mostly just watch videos about fishing but it's one of my stress relievers.
  • My goal is to travel around the world.
  • I love music so much that I feel like I can't go a day without it.
  • My problem is deciding if I like cats or dogs more. I just can't like them equally and I hate myself for that.
  • I have glossophobia. My palms gets sweaty whenever I have to speak around people.
  • I hate makeup.