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Your investment of $299 can easily save you tens of thousands of dollars if you’re unknowingly using a brand similar to someone else’s trademark.

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We did a comprehensive trademark search for every single one of 3,000+ trademarks we’ve filed.

That’s why we confidently give our clients a 100% money-back guarantee on our registration packages.

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Kevin O'Leary Shark Tank

The brand is often the most valuable asset of the business, so as a responsible investor, I want to make sure the company I'm planning to invest in has trademarked its brand If you value your brand, your time, and your money, check out Trademark Factory®. They're the real deal!


You work really hard bringing to the world your business, your marketing, and your brand. I can’t emphasize enough how important it is for us as CEOs to protect all the work that we do. I’ve personally worked with Trademark Factory® and they’ve done an excellent job in protecting some of our intellectual capital.


We trademarked Twisted Sister five years before we released our first record. It was THAT important. I only wish Trademark Factory®️ was around back then. The best part about what they do is if your trademark doesn’t go through, you get all your money back! Nobody else does this.

Michael Gerber E-MYTH

No business can be successful long-term unless it has trademarked its brand. Trademarking is not a luxury, it’s a necessity! If you want your trademarks done right, check out Trademark Factory®️. With their flat fee that covers everything from start to finish and their 100% money-back guarantee, their offer is a no-brainer! And THAT’S no myth!


I’ve worked with many law firms and lawyers… Working with Andrei and Trademark Factory®—because of their set fee and a money-back guarantee—gave me so much more confidence and made me so much more comfortable doing business with them. I recommend all entrepreneurs to trademark their brands through Trademark Factory®.

Jared Falk DRUMEO

Biggest thing for us when it comes to trademarks, we don’t understand how to do it. I’m a drummer, I don’t have any expertise in trademarking. You’ve got it figured out. Not a lot was required on my part. You made it really simple, cost-effective and awesome for us.

Isabelle Mercier BUILD TO ROCK

Online brands are easy to steal. I have big plans for BUILD TO ROCK®, so we decided to protect it. Usually, when you work with lawyers, you never know what the bill is going to be in the end. You do with Trademark Factory®. If you’re looking to trademark your brand, I don’t see why you would go anywhere else than Trademark Factory®.


If I ever want to pay somebody by the hour, it wouldn't be lawyers and trademarking companies, if you know what I mean... With Trademark Factory®️, you pay once—and you either get your trademark or you get your money back. No other firm that I know of offers anything like that.

Shawne Merriman LIGHTS OUT

The only reason I was able to stand up to the multi-billion-dollar bullies is because I trademarked my brand—and because I did it correctly. Trademarking services with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget that Trademark Factory® offers is literally lights out for all the other options out there!

Lisa Sasevich SPEAK TO SELL

Our trademark has given us a lot of power. It’s because when you name the game—and I’ll add, when you trademark the game,—you OWN the game. The best part about Trademark Factory®’s irresistible offer is, if you can’t get the result you’re looking for, they don’t want to keep your money. I think it’s a great way to start a relationship.