Terms and Conditions

These are general terms and conditions (“Terms”) between Trademark Factory® and our clients.

Each client will have received and will need to have accepted their personalized, custom-generated agreement (“Personalized Agreement”) before they can become our client.

These Terms are for informational purposes only and in the event there is a discrepancy between these Terms and the Personalized Agreement, the terms of the Personalized Agreement will always prevail.

Trademark Factory® is a group of companies currently consisting of Trademark Factory Global - FZCO, a company incorporated in and existing under the laws of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (registered address: #101 - IFZA Dubai - Building A2, Dubai, UAE), and Trademark Factory International Inc., a company incorporated in and existing under the laws of British Columbia, Canada (registered address: 300-1055 W. Hastings St., Vancouver, BC, V6E2E9, Canada).

Upon acceptance by our clients of their Personalized Agreements, Trademark Factory® will provide certain services for the purpose of assisting the client with trademark registration of their brands. The actual scope of the services will vary based on the package the client chooses to move forward with and will be outlined in detail in each Personalized Agreement with each client.

While trademark registration services take a long time (usually over a year and sometimes over 3 years), Trademark Factory®’s fees are payable in consideration for Trademark Factory® agreeing to make itself available to provide the services. The amount agreed upon in each Personalized Agreement is payable as a condition precedent to that Personalized Agreement coming into effect. Subject to the provisions of the Personalized Agreement that cover clients’ eligibility to refunds, the agreed upon amounts are deemed fully earned by Trademark Factory® upon clients accepting their Personalized Agreements.

Trademark Factory® may offer clients to pay their fee in monthly installments, in which case the first installment will be payable as a condition precedent to each Personalized Agreement coming into effect and the client having the obligation to pay all remaining installments according to the payment plan set out in the Personalized Agreement with the aggregate of all monthly payments set out in the Personalized Agreement being deemed to have been fully earned by Trademark Factory® upon the client accepting their Personalized Agreement.

Clients are eligible for a full refund if the client chooses not to proceed with filing of a trademark that, in Trademark Factory®'s opinion, may encounter problems being approved by the Trademarks Office for registration.

Clients are also eligible for a full refund if the Trademarks Office issues a final refusal against a trademark that Trademark Factory® assessed as registrable.

With respect to dealings with Trademark Factory Global – FZCO, these Terms are governed by the laws of UAE.