FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS #1 Question To Ask Yourself As A Business Owner

As a business owner, you have to ask yourself 1 important question.

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Hi, I'm Andrei Mincov, the founder of Trademark Factory and this is the number 1 question you should ask yourself if you're an entrepreneur or a business owner. Ask yourself this: "What if this business could become truly successful?" What if you could scale it the way you hoped to?" "What if you could disrupt the industry that you wanted to disrupt when you started this business?" "What if you could build this business into something that matters?" "What if your dreams that you had when you started this business could come true?" If you knew, for certain that all of this could happen, how would you be treating your business? What investments would you make in your business that you're not doing now? What foundational elements of your business would you be protecting if you knew all that? How would you be treating the brand that you came up with, in your business? If you knew that all of that can happen would you not be protecting your brand? And if you're not sure, that all of those things—that you dream about, if you're not sure they can happen, then you ask yourself a second question: "Why did you start this business?" Why do you keep putting hours and hours and days and months and years of your life, trying to build a business that you don't think could get there? That you don't think could get where you want it to go? Successful businesses become successful because those who run them believe that they can become successful. And they become successful because the people who run them treat them as businesses that can become successful. They do things that are necessary for those businesses to become successful. I run a trademarking company so I look at everything from the prism of trademarks. But yes, successful businesses treat their brands seriously from the very beginning. They trademark their brands right away before they become successful. Because by the time they become successful—it's too late to try to protect your brand. 

The number 1 question you should ask yourself is this: Do you believe that your business can be successful? If yes, follow the footsteps of those businesses who did become successful. Look what they do. Look when they trademark their brands. Look what things they do at the very outset of their business. And look at their journey, and hopefully, you'll become one of them. If you found this video useful, subscribe now, get notified when the next video goes live. And if you believe that you could be building a successful business—if you believe that your business can be successful. If you believe that the dream that you have around your business could come true, go to and book a call with our strategy advisors and they'll help you get started. 

One of the things that make Trademark Factory so different from all other trademarking companies is that we actually give a damn. We give a damn about your brand, we give a damn about your business, we give a damn about your success, we give a damn about your dream. it matters to us when business owners come to us, tell us about their dream. It matters to us why they want to do this. So if that's you, go to right now and book a call with our strategy advisors. The call is free. And until then, I'll see you in the next video. 

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