FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How Does Trademark Factory's Guarantee Work?

You already know that Trademark Factory is the only firm that offers trademark registration services with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Here's a short video that gives you the details of how this works.



I know I keep saying say that Trademark Factory® is the only firm where you can get your trademarks registered with 100% money back guarantee. So what exactly is that?

So when we do your free comprehensive trademark search, we will evaluate the chances of your trademarks being approved by the Trademarks Office. And when we do that, we would classify them into four categories, to give them four types of guarantee.

At the very top, there will be trademarks where we find absolutely nothing that in our opinion could cause a glitch with your trademark application. So this is 100%+ money-back guarantee.

Just below that, just a notch below that, there are trademarks where we see something but we don't think that it's serious enough to cause significant concern. Or we see that they may be an argument from the examiner, why the trademarks should not go through but we see that we'd have a much stronger argument why it should go through. So, it would get 100% money back.

Below that, there is a 50% money-back where we see some substantial problems with the application but we still think that it's not hopeless and that it could go through and so we're ready to invest the time to try to get it through. And if it doesn't go through, there is a 50% money-back.

And then, there's 0% when we tell you, Don't waste your time, don't waste your money, it's not gonna happen.

Now, do all of our packages get the money back? No. We only offer our money-back guarantee on the All-Inclusive package and the Ultimate package. We don't offer the money-back guarantee with I Feel Lucky package. And the way we explain it is, if your trademark application gets rejected by the Trademarks Office with the All-Inclusive package, then you will get an apology from us and a refund. With I Feel Lucky package, all you're going to get back is the apology.

Now, there is a difference between what the guarantee covers with the All-Inclusive package and the Ultimate package. With the All-Inclusive package, you get covered all the way up to the approval stage, so once the Trademarks Office says they are happy with your trademark application, this is where the guarantee of the All-Inclusive packages stops. The Ultimate package also covers you against opposition proceedings. Oppositions happen very rarely, they happen in less than 1% of all applications. This is kind of a catastrophe scenario. But when it does happen, then it tends to be extremely expensive. So, the guarantee with the Ultimate package also covers you all the way up to registration. So if your trademark doesn't get registered either because the trademark office doesn't approve it or somebody opposed it and won the opposition, when you had the Ultimate package you get everything you paid us back.

The 100+% money-back guarantee covers not just our fees, but also covers the government fees. Everything you paid to the government to apply for your trademark if your trademark didn't go through, you're going to get it back along with our fees.

The 100% money-back guarantee only covers our fees, so everything you paid us you get back, but the government fees going to stay with the government. By the way, with 100%+ guarantee, the government never refunds anything. So, if you get 100%+ percent guarantee and it doesn't go through so we gotta get government fees out of our own pocket.

Now with 50% money-back guarantee, it's pretty obvious, you're going to get 50% of what you paid us.

And with 0%, you get nothing back.

We often get a question, So if it's a 0% guarantee, what's the point of going with the All-Inclusive package compared to I Feel Lucky?. And the difference, of course, is that with All-Inclusive, we are still going to do all the work that's required to at least try to argue with the Trademarks Examiner. And in some cases, it could go through: miracles happen all the time. We just are not in a suicidal business.

We want to make sure that we tell you exactly what we feel about the chances of your trademark getting through. So that's why we have 0% 50% 100% 100%+ money-back guarantee.


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