FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS How Does Trademark Factory's Guarantee Work?

Trademark Factory® is the only firm in the world that offers trademark registration services with a true result-based 100% money-back guarantee.

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But Andrei, how can you guarantee that my trademark will get registered? Well, let me ask you, how does Mercedes guarantee its cars won't break? How does FedEx guarantee on-time delivery? How do Costco, Zappos, and Amazon offer their amazing satisfaction guarantee? Very simple—they make a promise and put their money where their mouth is. Yes, even Mercedes cars break once in a while. Even FedEx is late occasionally. Sometimes, we choose to return our purchases to Costco, Zappos, or Amazon. The purpose of the guarantee is not to create an unrealistic expectation that there could never be any issues with the product or the service you're buying. The guarantee reassures you that if something bad happens, they'll make it up to you and make it work for you.

My name is Andrei Mincov, and when I started Trademark Factory back in 2013, I asked myself a simple question: why should things be any different for trademarking services? Just because there are attorneys and trademark agents involved? Just because it's legal services? Nonsense!

Brand owners are not interested in paying some bright legal minds for a certain amount of time they would on their file. They buy trademarking services because they expect their trademarks to be approved and registered. And since this is the only possible result they're interested in, all it takes for the provider to guarantee it is to... well, make a promise and stand by it. That's exactly what Trademark Factory® has been offering since 2013, and in this video, I'm going to share with you the details of our unique two-layer 100% money-back guarantee. It's a fact.

Not all trademark applications will be approved by the Trademarks Office. There are a million reasons your trademark application may receive a final refusal. Our clients pay us for results. Your trademark approved by the Trademarks Office or your money back. To the penny. Here’s how our TWO-LAYER 100% MONEY-BACK guarantee works:

The first layer of protection is the FULL REFUND you can receive BEFORE we file your trademark application. If we do the search and spot any concerns with the trademarkability of your brand, you can get a full refund right away, no questions asked. We don’t keep any service charges. You get it all back. Period. Alternatively, we’ll keep doing additional trademark searches at no cost to you until you come up with a brand you can own. Either way, there is absolutely no risk to get started.

Worst-case scenario, you’re just going to get a free opinion as to why your brand is not trademarkable. And the second layer of protection is the FULL REFUND you receive AFTER we file your trademark application. If following our comprehensive search we find your trademark is registrable and we file it, but it does not get approved by the Trademarks Office, you get a full refund. Regardless of how many office actions we responded to. No matter how many hours our legal team spent on your file.

You get back everything you paid us. Again, there’s literally no risk to you. We are so confident in our services and the fact that no other firm in the world even comes close, I'm going to give you yet another guarantee. If you find another firm that gives you what we offer, we will file your trademark FOR FREE.

You got that right. Call or email ANY law firm or trademarking company and ask them 3 simple questions:

1. Will your attorneys handle my application from start to finish, from filing to registration?

2. Do you offer a fixed price that will cover unlimited responses to any and all office actions, including the likelihood of confusion and descriptiveness?

3. Will I get my money back if the Trademarks Office rejects my trademark application?

My claim is that Trademark Factory® is the only firm in the world that will answer YES to all 3 of these questions. But if I'm mistaken and you find ANYONE who, like us, answers YES to all 3 of these questions, we will file your trademark FOR FREE. With our fixed all-inclusive flat fee and a 100% money-back guarantee, we've made trademarking services a no-brainer for entrepreneurs who are serious about protecting the brand of their growing business.

If that's you, you simply have no excuse for leaving your brand unprotected. Either we can help you trademark your brand, or we don't get paid. We have a team of experienced strategy advisors ready to help you start your trademarking journey. Book a call with one of them and experience what trademarking services with a guaranteed result for a guaranteed budget look like.

Disclaimer: Please note that this post and this video are not and are not intended as legal advice. Your situation may be different from the facts assumed in this post or video. Your reading this post or watching this video does not create a lawyer-client relationship between you and Trademark Factory International Inc., and you should not rely on this post or this video as the only source of information to make important decisions about your intellectual property.