The Dumbest Advice About Trademarks You Could Ever Give

Here's one piece of advice you should never, ever give about trademarks:

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In my mind there's no doubt, the dumbest advice about trademarks you could ever give is to say, "Don't worry about trademarks until you get big. Once you get big, then you will be able to take care of all that."

And here's why it's dumb.

Big successes don't just happen, they require a lot of work. They require a lot of time. They require a lot of thought. They require a lot of effort, and there's really no reason why you would be putting all that effort trying to build something without protecting it.

The way we say, "If it's worth promoting, it's worth protecting. If it's worth building, it's worth protecting."

And given how inexpensive trademarking is, putting off protecting one of your most valuable assets, your brand, until the moment when everybody can see your success and everybody can steal your success, and everybody wants to steal from you, is just crazy.

So instead of telling people to wait until they get big before they start worrying about protecting their brand, it's the other way around. They should do it as soon as they have the idea that they want to become big. That's the point when they should go and trademark their brand, and then build something that will, if everything works out, become their most valuable asset.

I mean, I understand not everybody will become big. I get that, but that's the part of the business, that's the part of what makes entrepreneurship so exciting, because there's a risk and there's reward.

But if you don't protect your assets while you're trying to build it, I can guarantee you one thing, there won't be any reward. And the last thing you want to happen with you or the people that you give your advice to is that they have all the risk and no reward.

Don't every tell people to wait with their trademarks until they go big.

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