FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS The Dumbest Advice About Trademarks You Could Ever Give

There is one piece of advice you should never, ever give about trademarks.

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The Dumbest Advice:

"Don't worry about trademarks until you get big. Once you get big, then you will be able to take care of all that.",

Why is this the dumbest trademark advice? Because successes don't just happen, they require a lot of work, time, thought, and effort. Putting so much energy into building something without protecting it makes no sense.

Or, as we like to say:

"If it's worth promoting, it's worth protecting. If it's worth building, it's worth protecting."

Trademark registration is inexpensive in comparison to losing your brand. Given that, delaying the protection of your most valuable asset, your brand, until all can see your success and want to steal it is crazy.

Instead of telling brand owners to wait until they become big before protecting their brand, the opposite is true. They should protect their brand with a trademark as soon as they can conceive of growing big. This instance is the time to preserve a brand because it can become your most valuable asset when you succeed.

Sure, not everyone will become big, but that's the part of the business that makes entrepreneurship so exciting; there is risk and reward. But there will likely be no reward if you don't protect your brand while building it.


The last thing you want to happen for yourself or those receiving your advice is to have all the risk and no reward.

Never tell people to delay trademarking their brand until they grow big. The long hours, stress, and energy they expend building a successful brand are all at risk by following this horrible advice.

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