Know exactly what steps to take in regards to trademarking and why search is so important before filing your trademark application.


What Are Your Thoughts, Andrei?

You may hear me say, "trademark search, trademark search, free trademark search." Every single video that I do has this idea that you should start the process with a free trademark search. So here is why this is a good idea, why you should not file a trademark without doing the trademark search. Here's the answer: The trademarking process is very long. All right? It takes 18 months in Canada on average, 14 months in the US on average, 12 months in Europe, even more than that in Australia. It's not that you file a trademark, and very quickly they're going to tell you yes or no. I wish that was the case, but it isn't.

What Should I Expect After I File My Trademark?

So what happens during this time after you filed your trademark? You're probably going to start using it. You're probably going to start investing money in promoting the brand and building it up, hoping that as you do it, the whole thing with the Trademarks Office still goes through, and your trademark is registered. But what if you file a trademark that has no chances of being registered, and you don't even know about that? 

Prepare to Be in the Dark for a While

What happens is that ... So in Canada, it's eight months before you even hear back from the Trademarks Office for the first time around. In the U.S., it's for four months. So all of these months, you've been pretty much working with your eyes closed. You have no idea what's out there. Maybe there are similar trademarks out there. Maybe your trademark is descriptive. Maybe there are some other obstacles to getting your trademark registered you don't even know.

Is There Any Way Around It?

 So, again, the thing with trademark registration, trademark applications that don't go through is not just that you can't register your trademark successfully, it's that sometimes you can't even use it. And why would you spend your time, money, and energy trying to build up a brand that you can't own, that you can't use? So that's why... One of the biggest benefits of working with Trademark Factory is that, without spending a dime, you know exactly whether or not your brand has a decent chance of going through. And, yeah, whether you do it with us, whether you do it with somebody else, that's really not the point. It's all about gathering information in evaluating your chances, always make sure that before you adopt a brand, before you launch a brand, and certainly before you apply for a trademark, you do a trademark search to know what's out there.

Want to Learn More?

At Trademark Factory, we conduct a thorough trademark search for your business to determine if your chances are high or low. The best part is that it is free of charge, saving business owners money. It also saves the businesses time as they know if it is worth it to invest in a potential brand name or not with a trademark search. Do you need to get started filing a trademark for your brand? You can give one of our trusted advisors a call today to get started!


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