Why should I hire a trademark attorney?

Thinking of registering your brand with the United States Trademark and Patent Office? Consider getting a trademark attorney and certified specialist to help you in this endeavor! Navigating the world of trademarks is not only complicated and confusing, but it will also cost you a fortune if you do not cover all your bases.

Trademark attorneys offer you a wide spectrum of services, including:

Protecting your company's intellectual property is crucial, and a trademark attorney can offer invaluable guidance through the process. Here's why you should consider consulting one:

Trademark Research Assistance: A trademark attorney can help you find a suitable and legally acceptable trademark and slogan for your business. They'll provide a research report and clarify any doubts you have about the registration process.

Trademark Application Support: While anyone can submit a trademark application, a lawyer can ensure it's filled out correctly, avoiding costly mistakes that could impact the registration process.

Avoiding Mistakes: A registered trademark increases visibility and can boost sales. A trademark attorney helps navigate the registration process, saving you time and hassle and protecting you from expensive errors.

Avoiding Conflicts: Your attorney can research potential conflicts with other trademarks and settle any disputes legally, protecting your business from damage.

Federal Registration: If your business could benefit from federal registration, a trademark attorney can guide you through the process, drafting your application and ensuring compliance with USPTO requirements.

Enforcing Your Trademark: Your lawyer can help enforce your trademark rights and assist if you receive a cease and desist letter, the first step in resolving trademark infringement claims.

Ultimately, hiring a professional trademark lawyer is a wise investment for your business. They can handle registrations, disputes, and infringements, safeguarding your valuable intellectual property. But here at TrademarkFactory, we offer even more perks to our clients!

Our services include:

DIY Education Toolkit explains all stages of the trademarking process in an easy-to-understand language and provides interactive tools to help budget-focused entrepreneurs successfully trademark their brands.

Comprehensive Trademark Search with Registrability Opinion (option 1: One search for one trademark, option 2: Unlimited searches until a registrable trademark is confirmed).

Drafting and filing of a trademark application with the USPTO, CIPO, or Trademarks Offices of other jurisdictions. All trademark applications are filed through licensed trademark attorneys or trademark agents. All trademarks will have an attorney of record throughout the life of the trademark application.

Unlimited responses to minor office actions (an office action is considered "minor" if it does not raise issues of descriptiveness, genericness, or likelihood of confusion).

Unlimited responses to major office actions (an office action is considered "major" if it raises issues of descriptiveness, genericness, or likelihood of confusion).

Defending the trademark application in opposition proceedings.

Cancellation proceedings against third-party marks.

Weekly monitoring of newly filed third-party trademark applications that may be confusingly similar to the trademarks we filed for our clients.

Pre-filing money-back guarantee: if your brand is unregistrable, you can get a full refund.

Post-filing money-back guarantee: if we told you your brand was registrable but the Trademarks Office issues a final refusal against your application, you get a full refund.

Still have questions? Contact us! We are a team of trademark attorneys who will help you pave your way through the trademark registration process and answer all your questions. From registering your brand to defending it against infringement, our team ensures your intellectual property is in safe hands. Let us help you navigate the complex world of trademarks, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business. Contact us today for peace of mind and legal protection for your brand! Or choose one of our packages that guarantees results for a guaranteed budget with a full refund if the trademark gets rejected!

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The guarantee was what helped take a leap. You are a new person in my life... When you're starting a new company, you're running around, you have a million things on your mind. So the guarantee is what tipped us over. My wife is a lawyer, and in the legal field nobody offers money-back guarantee. So today, I'm celebrating our trademark and that you've come through on your promises.

Luke Aulin